Haworthia Wide Zebra


Haworthia Zebra, also known as Haworthiopsis attenuata or Zebra Plant, is a small succulent plant native to South Africa. It is characterized by its rosette of thick, triangular leaves that are dark green in color and marked with striking white stripes, resembling the stripes of a zebra. Haworthia Zebra is a popular houseplant choice due to its compact size, easy care requirements, and attractive appearance. It thrives in bright, indirect light and well-draining soil, making it ideal for indoor cultivation in containers or terrariums. With its striking foliage pattern and low maintenance needs, Haworthia Zebra adds a touch of exotic beauty to any indoor plant collection.

Height – 4 Inch.

Plastic Pot / Plastic Polybag Size = 4 Inch.

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