The journey of Vijaya Nursery formally began in the year 2006 with the retail sale of plants from the home garden of its proprietor Ms. Anubha Singh at Kharghuli, Guwahati. With the nursery’s participation in the annual Horticulture Shows in Guwahati and winning many prizes including the Best Nursery Prize over the years as well as the nursery’s acceptance among the people of Assam greatly motivated her to move forward in this field. In 2014, the nursery was shifted to Khetri to have more space to grow a wider variety of plants. Few of the plants that are being propagated on a bigger scale are the different and newer varieties of Poinsettias, Aralias, Crotons, and Bougainvilleas. Apart from various indoor plants, a new section on different types of cacti and succulents have been initiated at the nursery in recent times.

With the introduction of some new ideas and concepts by Ms. Priyanka Singh, CEO of Vijaya Nursery, the nursery has got a fresh momentum. Her involvement in this sector as a young entrepreneur has greatly encouraged t encouraged the workers in the nursery as well as many youths of the neighbouring areas of Khetri. Apart from involving herself in upgrading various aspects of the nursery, Priyanka has introduced the concept’ Gift-a-Plant which is an alternative gifting solution to mundane material gifts or bouquets of flowers that wither away. These gifts are attractively custom packaged to suit each client’s requirement and have already been received with great enthusiasm by many.

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