Assam Lemon


Assam Lemon, also known as Assam Lemon or Kaji Nemu, is a citrus variety native to the northeastern region of India, particularly Assam. It’s a popular cultivar valued for its unique flavor and high juice content.

This lemon variety is characterized by its small to medium-sized fruits, typically round or slightly oval in shape, with a smooth, thin skin that is yellow-orange when ripe. The pulp is juicy and acidic, with a distinctively strong and tangy flavor, making it ideal for culinary use in dishes, beverages, and condiments.

Assam Lemon trees are evergreen and typically reach heights of 10 to 20 feet. They prefer warm, subtropical climates and well-draining soil. Regular watering and fertilization are essential for healthy growth and fruit production.

Due to its rich flavor and versatility in cooking and beverages, Assam Lemon is a prized ingredient in Assamese cuisine and is also widely used in other regional cuisines across India and beyond.

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